August 09, 2020

AI - (Artificial) Intelligence all around

The best definition of AI is still the Turing test; because it is simple, practical, general, it focuses on effects rather than methods, and it recognizes that the key aspect of the definition is the relation to "human intelligence": we only recognize and understand intelligence by comparison to ours.

Intelligence is typically defined by using terms such as adaptation, learning; creativity, logic; communication, collaboration; intent, self-awareness, consciousness.

But there are numerous forms of intelligence in the universe covered by such structural descriptive definitions. All around us we see forms of communication, collaboration, adaptation, learning, logic and intent: in plants, viruses, bacteria, genetics, complex systems such as ecosystems or large scale planetarian systems; even in machines. Various animal species are even conscientious.

And here is my final point: we are not able to recognize other forms of intelligence than human intelligence, or subsets of it.
We could live near advanced forms of intelligence, and we would simply not be aware of them, because they are different.

Turing is a circular definition. Intelligence is that which is intelligent; and is human because we only know human intelligence; so Artificial Intelligence created by humans is necessarily human.

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