November 07, 2021

PhD thesis published: Managing positive and negative complexity

My PhD thesis is finally published: Managing Positive and Negative Complexity. Design and Validation of an IT Project Complexity Management Framework

Also poster and presentation slides.

I am highly interested in your opinion on the new proposed concepts of positive and appropriate complexity.

This project was about understanding IT project complexity and contributing to its theoretical foundations and practice. It proposes a holistic view, and provides insights into its Positive, Appropriate (requisite), and Negative effects. It proposes a structured framework for IT Project Complexity Management (IT-PCM), composed of formal processes: plan, identify, analyze, plan responses, monitor and control. These are defined and described in terms of inputs and outputs, and with an inventory of available tools and techniques. Anchored in this framework, new practical tools are proposed, for: measuring complexity; analyzing its sources and effects; planning and monitoring complexity mitigation strategies. 

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