September 10, 2022

Royalty, sacrifice and duty

People talk about respect for the nobility and royalty, about their high sense of duty and even sacrifice - triggered by the life of late Queen Elizabeth.

So here's the deal with royalty.

You are born to huge wealth, land, castles, privileges and immunities.

You can always decide your career and life, even if some decisions might require abdication (while still keeping lots of wealth and titles).

Yes, there is always choice. Examples all around: prince Harry, king Charles II of Romania, or Elizabeth's uncle, king Edward VIII, who abdicated in favor of his brother George VI, Elizabeth's father.

But let's say you accept your "duty". So you get to be king/queen. You pose for nice pictures, shake hands graciously with various fellow kings, presidents and dictators, you talk about horses and the weather, and you live like a king (literally) in your castles, and this is called "duty" and "sacrifice".

Nice job description.

You know who had no choice?

My grandmother.

She also did her "duty". Young widow, raised 2 kids alone, then 3 grandkids. Worked the land, milked cows, worked as a cleaning woman.

Never had a choice, never complained (well she always complained, but not about royalty), worked for 80+ years.

So I choose to praise my granny Teodora.

She didn't leave me any castles, but then, neither did Elizabeth.

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