February 11, 2024

Bullying, professors, managers, and insecurity

Bullying is quite common among professors and teachers. And it has always been.

MY MOTHER was telling me about her professors, frustrated probably about their positions, shouting at pupils that they are barefoot peasants, polenta-eaters (mămăligari, opincari).

We all had professors calling us stupid. Professors also used to be violent - this is now prohibited.

The objective of many teachers is to demonstrate that their students are stupid. They fail to recognize the paradox that their students are largely the result of their own work.

Laughing at students, saying they are incompetent, diminishing them, insulting them, is a form of bullying. It is not pedagogy, it is destructive.

AND THE SOURCE of bullying is mostly frustration. Hiding a sense of inferiority, a lack of personal accomplishments. Especially when directed at people in a subordinate position, with significantly less power.

Because teachers hold a unique position of power, over a significant number of (young) people. The fact that they need to express this power through bullying signals insecurity. 

MAYBE some professions are more likely to attract or cultivate bullies. Teachers, doctors, soldiers, managers, and Hollywood producers.

Or, this simply reflects the overall maturity of society and its members.

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