December 25, 2021

Don't Look Up: a stranger kind of Christmas movie

Good Christmas movie: Don't look up.

Strange, but good.

Funny. Silly. Serious. Controversial. Silly.

I watched it because there were a few very positive reviews and a few very negative reviews. So, a controversial movie. The genre that creates cults.

I liked it.

It has huge amounts of pop culture references.

Good acting, good directing, pretty much good everything.

A parody with continuous referencing to science, family, peer reviews, tech tycoons, politics, media, marketing, science, human relationships, anxiety, polarisation, trivia. 

Idiocracy + anti-vaxers + Big Bang Theory + Armageddon + Jackass + Saving Private Ryan / Star Troopers.

Of course the plot is exaggerated. It is a parody. Yes, in real life there are functional research and communication networks, and governments don't always listen to public opinion when it comes to emergency situations, and politicians and people are not always stupid and always vain.

But this is a parody. And I liked it.

Ps. I admit that the first time I watched Star Troopers I didn't realize it was a parody.

Pps. Really why do they make these movies so looooong.

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