April 24, 2023

Hermix - public sector sales analytics, B2G software

Hermix is the first analytics platform for public sector sales. 

We help companies understand & win public sector projects, with tender monitoring and market intelligence.

How we started, more than a year ago? We looked at our personal, direct experience, of more than 20 years, in doing sales for the public sector; mostly tenders to EU institutions and the European Commission, but also to national authorities. The Business-to-Government B2G sector is great, and it worked very well for us: stable market, lots of money, and lots of information - if you know where to look and how to read.

We asked ourselves: What worked, How, and Why it worked for us? And we noticed that data analysis and market intelligence are key success factors, and yet completely under-exploited. Everything is done manually: tender monitoring, market research, forms, papers, CVs, technical proposals, prices. 

We also made this astounding observation: public sector sales doesn't use big data analytics. Information is managed manually in emails and Excel files.

But in B2C/B2B, retail and consumer, data is king! Marketers rely heavily on billions of data points and on hundreds of tools: Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Plausible, Indicative, etc etc.

So we started to automate B2G, providing services such as:

* Tender monitoring, smart market watch, notifications.

* Big data analytics, deep market intelligence, actionable insights: where is the money, who buys & sells, what, where, how.

We've gone a long way since we started out in 2022.

We gathered a great team. We developed the technical platform. We launched Hermix.com. We tested, validated and evaluated the concept and tools.

We had ~350 meetings. We enrolled 217 users.

We signed quite a few contracts with serious, solid customers. We have reliable partners, such as Amazon, Tremend, Zetta, Westpole, Brayton, Hubspot. We received in kind contributions and support.

We won the EU Datathon award from the European Commission, and a prize of 25k. We received the Deloitte Impact Star. We signed a 250k regional R&D grant.

We listen to our customers and partners, every week. We get their feedback and requirements. We aim to understand their real needs. We focus on ergonomics, usability and on key user scenarios: Which are the daily pains of the sales managers and commercial directors, of bid managers and presales architects?

And then we design crucial pain-killers for these needs.

We improve our data algorithms continuously. We analyzed millions of historical government contracts, tenders and payments, hundreds of thousands of authorities and contractors. We import and clean new data daily.

We release 2-3 new major features per month. We use the most modern & fancy technology out there, but we remain function-driven.

We make sense of public sector sales.

Contact me for your test drive.

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