April 07, 2023

Norming and standardization of language and tools

 The reason for standardization is efficiency.

We norm everything: forms, tools, habits, customs, religions, law, houses, screws, pipes, measures, science, math.

All groups and societies go through the famous cycle: storming, forming, norming, performing.

Norming reduces innovation, but increases efficiency.

The reason for norming language and speech is efficiency in communication.

All societies norm communication. Strong centralized states enforce strong centralized rules faster, sometimes violently. They enforce uniform taxation, d├ęclarations, addresses, names, jobs, qualifications, language, writing. They kill dialects and local freedoms.

Very centralized organizations have huge bureaucratic overheads. Sometimes, the bureaucratic overheads are controlled by political pressure, elections or shareholders. 

Sometimes bureaucracies are destroyed violently, through bankruptcy, revolution or war.

Then, society resets. And the cycle starts over: storming, forming, norming and performing.

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